Coal and energy set as the backbone for the infrastructure development in the Globe . It is a matured volume based trade where the success relies on integrating every individual entity in the value chain

We target wide spectrum of Coal products to suit various buyer’s requirement by understanding the importance of critical parameters and other constituents which play a vital role in the usage of Coal. Indian subcontinent and China is our main target, being strategically located, where we focus on sectors that include thermal power plants, Cement plants , Sponge Iron industries and paper industries .

Our long term off-take arrangements with reputed mines combined with pre-financing strength gives us an edge to supply Coal at competitive price to Indian and South East Asian markets. With the help of representative office in Indonesia supported by operations team on the ground, we choose the right mines and loading points for the requirement of different Coal specifications while continuing to appraise new Mines/Suppliers to ensure delivery of quality products

We also actively trade in South African and US Coal while continuing to explore opportunities in Columbia, Russia and other prospective sources.

Coal what we deal on..

Low grade coal GAR 3800, 4200 from Indonesia

Mid Grade coal

Origin Indonesian Low Grade Indonesian Mid Grade Indonesian High Grade South African
Energy value GAR 3800, 4200 GAR 4800 – 5200 GAR above 5800 NCV 6000,5800,
Sulphur Less than 1% 1%-1.5% 1-2.5% Less than 1%
Moisture 35% – 39% 24% – 30% 10% – 14% Less than 10%
Ash 6-9% 8%-12% 10% and above 11-16%

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